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nako naturals goes organic !


We are happy to announce to complete our offering of natural ingredients. From now we will serve you with a well selected and sustainable organic product offering.



Join our new world of organic ingredients for food and nutraceuticals.

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"Even we are very happy to offer now organic certified ingredients, we will not change our business at all. Means all conventional offering will remain and even expended where needed. 
All conventional products remain available and won't get replaced."

- Lisa Teske, Sales Manager


Especially our essential oil family is growing. The most beautiful scents in the world need excellent fragrances to evolute their full powder.

nako naturals extend with products such as

Citrus Oils from Italy

Clove bud / leaf from Indonesia

Poiretia Bahiana from Brazil

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Schwedische Brötchen


and plenty more - contact our sales team to get support on perfect product match for your application

Bakery ingredients

Oleoresins for bakery applications. We are offering suitable solutions for you. ​Bourbon Vanilla  Cassia Star Anise Vanilla

Rosemary Oleoresin

Oleoresins can be used in a wide range of products. Additional some of those like Rosemary Oleoresin is a natural antioxidand !


some facts: - perfect extracts for meat flavoring - small quantities can replace large quantities of the whole spice - longer shelf life ( 2 years )

Essential Oils

Essential Oils bringing the pure nature to everybody in every situation. Home room scents, perfumes, etc.

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